Dive into the playful heart of Japan with Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle! Spanning over 50 vibrant locations across the West Coast's top malls, we bring you the ultimate collection of anime characters and plush toys straight from the lively streets of Tokyo. Our stores are a pop-colored world where families and fans alike can immerse in the latest from Japan's otaku culture without stepping a foot outside the U.S. We've carefully crafted each space to welcome everyone, from die-hard enthusiasts to those simply seeking a sprinkle of Japanese fun in their lives. With our rich array of charming goods tailored for both the young and the young at heart, Tokyo Japanese Lifestyle stands as your go-to spot for all things cute and cool. Come in and experience the joy of Japan in every corner, where every visit turns into a delightful adventure.



Operating Company: Ichi Trading Corporation
Address: 612 Jackson St, Los Angeles CA 90012
Contact Info: info@ichitrading.com